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6 Lug Wheel Adapters

6 Lug Wheel Adapters

6 lug wheel adapters help the vehicles with 6 lug wire wheel adapters change to another 6 lug bolt pattern wheels, for example, you have the car with 6x114.3 wheels, but you have a new 6x139.7 wheel, and you want to install the 6x139.7 wheel on your car, then you need a 6 lug wheel adapter.

Types of 6 Lug Wheel Adapter

Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge 6 Lug Wheel Adapter

Sanlishin has a large collection of wheel adapters. We can offer various 6-lug wheel adapters for different vehicle models. We have a wide range of wheel adapter models suitable for vehicles from the most popular models to some uncommon ones. If you want to know more about the 6-lug wheel adapter, please contact us now!

Find Good 6 Lug Wire Wheel Adapters in Sanlishin

Sanlishin 6-lug wheel adapters can provide higher stability, more powerful strength, and easier manipulation for your vehicle, as well as prettier looking. Sanlishin uses good quality raw material to make high-quality wheel adapters that can withstand various tests.