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Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers for Sale

Do you want to make your wheels more flush with your fenders? Or did you buy a set of wheels not knowing much about offset and now they rub your brake calipers? Don't worry for this. A set of wheel spacer can help you settle the matter and meet your any requirements.


In general, the wheel spacers have the following functions. They are used to increase wheel track width, to adjust wheel fitment, to add clearance for big brake kits or to add a cool new look.


Our wheel spacers are CNC Machined using high quality aerospace 6061 T6 aluminum for durability and fit.

The most important point is, what size should you choose in various wheel spacers? In fact, it has no easy answer.Picking a wheel spacer that meets your needs is not as easy as it sounds. If it were easy, we'd all be using the same size. There are a few different reasons why people need wheel spacers so every situation ends up being different. But every situation can be resolved by finding out how much available space you have to work with. That means measuring the tire-fender clearance. This empty space will likely be your spacer size. 

We are a professional wheel spacers manufacturer. We have wheel spacers for sale, such as 1 inch wheel spacers, 2 inch wheel spacers and so on.

Wheel Spacers Related FAQs

  • Q

    Is wheel spacer dangerous?

    No. The load from a wheel is transferred to the axle/hub through the friction of the clamped joint, not through the wheel stud. A wheel stud can only bend if the lug nuts are not properly torqued, in which case the wheel is about to fall off, anywayTherefore, properly installed wheel spacers are perfectly safe.

  • Q

    How do you install wheel spacers on a BMW?

    We have the install instruction every items,if you need, you can email to us and let's talk for the details.

  • Q

    What are hub centric wheel spacers?

    Hubcentric wheel spacers are designed to make sure the weight of the car is carried by the hub and not by the studs or bolts. They are machined perfectly on the rear of the wheel spacer to match the locating ring on the hub with the same size locating ring on the front of the spacer.

  • Q

    Do you need hub centric rings with wheel spacers?

    Yes, you absolutely need to ensure any spacers mate with the wheel center bore and wheel hub precisely, either by being the correct diameter themselves or with hubcentric rings to make up the difference in size. While this may be the case, your aftermarket wheels may still need hub centric rings to fit properly.