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Several Methods of Car Modification and Heightening

Several Methods of Car Modification and Heightening

Let's talk about why we should increase the height first. Heightening the body is mainly to meet the needs of playing off-road or pan-outdoor. It can better adapt to rough roads and reduce the impact of the road on the chassis.

Taking into account the needs and cost of most people, when the vehicle is assembled, its height will only take an intermediate value. But in fact, the chassis height of a car has a certain adjustment space when it is designed. Thus, a chassis can be applied to different body configurations by modifying, which can be better than the original chassis.

There are many ways of raising, such as adjusting the suspension, heightening the car shell and increasing the raising of the tires. The different ways of raising have different effects on vehicle performance. Therefore, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages before deciding what to do before modification.

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One is to directly increase the height of a certain part of the chassis, such as the height of the car shell or the addition of a block. The advantage is that it's simple and easy without any technical difficulties.

The heightening of the car shell is to thicken the car shell rubber pier on the vehicle beam. But it is necessary to control the height, because various pipelines may be affected after the height is raised. It may also cause some unfavorable factors to the fixing and cushioning of the car shell.

Another is to add a cushion block to the damping strut mounts and then install it on the car body, which is simple and cheap. In appearance, it looks no different from others who spent a lot money to do heightening.

Both of these ways raise the barycenter of the body which may not matter in the general situation, but to be prone to roll and poor comfort, which feels like a person running on stilts.

To replace larger tires is the third way. Thicker and larger tires can raise the body while reducing the car's roll and increasing the roadholding which is a must-have item for off-road vehicle owners. But the disadvantage is that it increases fuel consumption, just like wearing a pair of thick-soled shoes to climb the mountain, stable but tired. At the same time, the oversized tire may scratch the original fender while the heightened shock absorber needs to be replaced.

The recommended modification method is using car suspension lift kit to replace the spring and shock absorber in the suspension system to increase the cushion stroke of the body, the comfort of which is better than the previous modification methods like having a pair of extended legs. The shock absorbers of many original cars do not work well because of cost and supported the body like iron pillars. But it will generate fatigue during driving and even have difficulties in handling the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to have fun with a car, whether it is heightened or not, it is recommended to replace the original shock absorber to improve the comfort to a higher level.

The spring is like a bone, which supports the body of the car and determines its height. Shock absorbers are like muscles, cushioning the pressure and pulling the body. Thus, both should be replaced together. Some car owners will choose to modify only the heightened springs. In fact, this modification method is like only stretching the bones but the original muscles (shock absorbers) are prone to problems in this way, which is not recommended.

The height of the modification should be controlled in a small range, generally not more than 2 inches (5 cm), otherwise it will have a bad effect when driving the vehicle. Some models need to replace the eccentric screw when refitting to solve the problem of driving angle of the half bearing.

The choice of modified springs and shock absorbers is also very important. Products with poor quality can easily cause problems with driving stability, such as the insufficient support force and the collapse of the body because of the soft spring and the insufficient road holding of the tire because of the soft damping.

For the above several ways of heightening, we recommend that you choose the way of modification according to your own situation. If you play off-road, you can change the tires and heighten the shock absorber. Otherwise, there is no need to change the tires but the shock absorber directly to improve comfort. If you have no adequate budget, you can experience the feeling of heightening by installing pads and be careful to the speed in case that it is too high.

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