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How to Maintain the Shock Absorber and When Should the Shock Absorber Be Replaced?

How to Maintain the Shock Absorber and When Should the Shock Absorber Be Replaced?

We always only pay attention to the surface in the maintenance of our car, but it is easy to overlook some very hidden places, such as the car shock absorber. It is prone to ignorance of the importance of the four shock absorbers hidden beside the car wheels which, in fact, is closely related to your comfort.

When you feel very bumpy, hear unusual noises, or have all kinds of discomfort in the car, there may be a problem with the car sshock absorber, which should be found out as quickly as possible. As a vulnerable part during the use of the car, its main purpose is to make the tires close to the road in order to manipulate the vehicle. Its quality will directly affect the smoothness of the car and the life of other parts. If the shock absorber is not up to the standards, it will affect the brakes and cause tire wear and other problems. What's worse, the control of the car will be disabled, which is very dangerous.

Thus, the car owners should keep the shock absorber in good working condition when the car is running, and replace it in time. Here, we will recommend several methods for you to check whether the shock absorber is working well. You will need a car suspension lift kit to check on these points.

How to know that your car shock absorber is broken?

1. Stop the car after driving for 10 kilometers on the road with poor road conditions and then touch the shell of the car shock absorber by hand. If the shell heats up, it means that it is short of oil. If the situation does not change for the better, it means that the shock absorber does not work well.

2. Press the bumper firmly and then release it. If the car does not jump more than one or two times, the shock absorber is working well. If the car is shaking, the shock absorber should be replaced.

3. Take an emergency braking when driving the car slowly. If the car shakes violently, it indicates that there is a problem with the shock absorber.

4. Remove the shock absorber to stand it upright, and clamp the adapter ring in the lower end to the vise. Pull and press the shock absorber several times. At this time, there should be a stable resistance. The resistance of pulling up and restoring should be greater than pressing down. It the resistance is unstable or has no resistance, there may be the lack of oil inside the shock absorber or some damage to the valve parts, which should have a repair or replacement.

5. Irregular tire wear. If the tire shows uneven wear, the shock absorber needs to be replaced.

6. The car suspension touches to the road. When the car travels through a bad road, railway track or other protrusions, the suspension touches to the road, which means that the shock absorber needs to be replaced.

7. The car is not run well. When the car is easy to run off or jump or does not work well, the shock absorber needs to be replaced. The following situations generally occur

  • Unstable start. When starting or braking, the car body bumps up and down violently, making the ride feel unstable.

  • Turning failure. The tilt speed is faster when turning, and the steering wheel has a tendency to fail.

  • Braking is not working. When braking, the forward momentum is stronger and the braking distance is longer.

8. The shock absorber leaks oil. The shock absorber will wear out during use. Long-term use will cause the liquid to leak out of it. At this time, the shock absorber needs to be replaced.

In addition, the shock absorber will have noise in actual use, which is mainly due to that the shock absorber is colliding with the leaf spring, the frame or the axle, the rubber pad is damaged or falling off, the shock absorber dust tube is deformed, or the oil is insufficient. Thus, the detailed reasons should be found out and repaired.

Under what circumstances does the car need to replace the shock absorber? Generally speaking, if the shock absorber has an abnormal noise or oil leaks or is too hard or too soft, you should consider replacing it.

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Our reminders:

The shock absorber should do a professional inspection every 30,000 kilometers. For your driving safety, once the shock absorber is found to be malfunctioning, please replace the shock absorber immediately.

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