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8 Lug Wheel Adapters

8 Lug Wheel Adapters

8 lug wheel adapters help the vehicles with 8 lug wheels change to another 8 lug bolt pattern wheels, for example, you have the car with 8x6.5 wheels, but you have a new 8x170 wheel, and you want to install the 8x170 wheel on your car, then you need an 8 lug wheel adapter.

Types of 8 Lug Adapters

Various 8 Lug Adapters

8-lug adapter is a heavy-duty type for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. Using 8-lug adapters can make your truck become more stable, easier to handle, and even prettier. We can offer a large collection of 8-lug adapters that suitable for various brands and models. For more information, please contact us now!

Find A Good Quality 8 Lug Wheel Adapter in Sanlishin

Sanlishin has many successful experiences in supplying leveling lift kits, spacers, adapters, and other components. We are a reliable supplier with our own factory, you can always find good quality products with an attractive price here.