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The Relationship Between Chassis Height and Car Stability

The Relationship Between Chassis Height and Car Stability

1. Vehicles with higher chassis have better passing performance. However, as the height of the center of gravity of the chassis is increased, the centrifugal force during cornering will increase, so the stability at high speed is not good. On the contrary, the low chassis can lower the center of gravity to restrain the centrifugal force of high-speed cornering, so the low chassis is more suitable for high-speed driving.

2. The height of the chassis has nothing to do with the speed. Only when the chassis is at high speed, the bottom of the lower plate can have better downforce, that is, stability. The quality of the chassis is related to the quality of the road you drive. For bad roads, leveling lift kit is necessary for leveling lift; for good roads, the chassis needs to be lowered. The acceleration and height of the car must be above 200KM/H with the aerodynamic kit to be effective.

3. Generally speaking, the higher the car chassis, the higher the center of mass. In the case of inertial force (such as starting acceleration, braking, turning), the greater the change in the force on each wheel, which affects the braking of the vehicle performance and stability. For example, we can see that some cars have an obvious "nodding" phenomenon when braking. This is actually the change in the axle load distribution caused by braking, which has an impact on the optimal front and rear braking force distribution. The center of mass is high, and the body roll when driving in a curve is also large, which affects the handling stability. Of course, the high chassis tends to have better vision and high geometric pass ability. The specific amount of influence also depends on the type of suspension structure.

4. The main influence on speed and stability lies in the height of the center of mass. The influence of the height of the center of mass on speed or acceleration is almost absent on flat roads. However, on the ramp, the transfer of the axle load will have a certain impact. For the stability of the car, the stability of the high center of mass of the car of the same weight will be worse.

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