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Modification of Isuzu D-MAX, with Chassis 2 Inches Higher

Modification of Isuzu D-MAX, with Chassis 2 Inches Higher

The Isuzu D-MAX was modified with Isuzu leveling lift kits.

First upgrade the 17-inch wheels and tires, 9.5xp12,000 pounds of soft winch, and hide it inside the front bumper. At the same time, it uses soft blanket, which is very convenient to save people and self-rescue. At the same time, the front bumper, rear bumper, side pedals and fill light on both sides of the front bumper were modified. The roof of the car is equipped with luggage frame, front spotlight and fill light on both sides. The chassis is equipped with guard board, which can effectively protect the chassis from damage when driving on the non-paved pavement. The trafficability of the vehicle is also very important in the off-road, so we chose the nitrogen twist 2-inch Isuzu leveling Kits (our product model is LK-702-I) and leaf spring. In this way, the shock absorption effect is extraordinary, the stability and handling are very good, and it is also comfortable. Compared with the fixed steel lifiting lug of the original car, this raised lifting lug has better extension and buffering, which can improve driving comfort.


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