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Closed End Lug Nut Set M12X1.25

Closed End Lug Nut Set M12X1.25

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  • Nut thread:12x1.25,12x1.5

  • Length:32mm

  • Package included:4pcs bolts+1pcs key

  • Available Color:silver(chrome),red,blue,black...

Important Notes:

1. The lug nuts have conical 60 degree cone taper acorn seat. Make sure the wheels can accept this kind of lug nut. Please also take the necessary measurements of your current wheel studs to ensure these lug nuts will fit.

2. Professional Installation Recommended

3. Be sure to torque the lug nuts to manufacturer specifications.

4. Avoid using an impact wrench, improper usage may cause damage to components

5. Check and re-torque after 25-50 miles of driving.

This is a set of locking nuts,get the looks and quality your car demands with this Nut Sets from Wheel Mate Performance. The locking Nuts feature the security of a uniquely splined lug nut so that thieves don’t have a chance to steal your hard earned wheels.This set included 4pcs bolts and 1pcs key.

OEM quality construction of the nuts come from the use of Cold Forged Steel and oversized 60 degree cone seat for better contact on your wheels. The Cold Forging process also allows the nuts to be smaller to fit in tight wheel holes. The available colors of Chrome, Red, Blue, Silver, Purple, and Black give the nuts the unique looks your car demands.