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2-inch Elevation and the Effect of Elevation

2-inch Elevation and the Effect of Elevation

Recently, the most frequently asked question by many off-road vehicle owners is about the two-inch leveling lift kit. So let's popularize the knowledge about a two-inch elevation for off-road enthusiasts.

1. What is a two-inch leveling lift?

As the name suggests, two-inch elevation means that the body is lifted by two inches based on the original car through the two-inch leveling lift kits, 1-inch height = 2.54CM, 2-inch height = 5.08CM, which is a theoretical value. In the actual modification, the data is not so accurate, which is related to other factors such as the vehicle counterweight. The deviation value is about 1CM. In simple terms, it is to replace the thicker shock absorber and stronger spring, which is to improve the comprehensive crossing performance.

A large number of people envy the large-numbered lifting. Still, in fact, for most off-road vehicle owners, the two-inch elevation is the most suitable, which is not much different from the original car's performance and can significantly improve the off-road performance. No matter how high your chassis rises, there are always stones that you can't "cross" over. It must be modified according to the vehicle itself and driving needs. The modified drivers must know that the gap between the off-road performance before and after the increase is huge.

2. The role of leveling lift

1) After the lifting kit raises the body, the ground clearance is increased to prevent the body from being impacted and bumped when walking on undulating roads.

2) The approach angle, departure angle, and passing angle of the vehicle can be increased after being elevated to increase the vehicle's passage.

3) The suspension stroke can be increased.

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What is the purpose of vehicle conversion? It is to go to places that others can't reach, appreciate the scenery that others can't enjoy, and experience the fun and hardships of off-roading that others can't feel.

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