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How to Choose the Suspension Lift Kit Correctly

How to Choose the Suspension Lift Kit Correctly

The excellent modification plan is to improve the performance of the vehicle in all aspects on the basis of ensuring stability and safety. Key points: everything is centered on security and stability.

Chassis elevation: In order to ensure the cross-country passability, the first thing many players do after getting their car is to raise the chassis of their car. After all, the high ground clearance brings an all-round improvement in the approach angle, pass angle, and departure angle. But there are also many particularities in the promotion of the chassis.

Remember not to blindly replace large-size tires: in order to ensure the stability of the original car design, many people choose to enlarge the tires to increase the ground clearance. However, this approach will bring two problems: 1. The power level will drop significantly. 2. Due to the limitations of wheel eyebrows and stoppers, the room for improvement by changing large tires is actually very small.

And if the tire size is too large, you also need to change the gearbox gear ratio to match the power system. But if the reason you change the big tires is to climb the rocks like the smashed off-road vehicle, we must proceed to the next discussion-replacing the jeep suspension lift kit with a larger stroke.

Regardless of whether it is an independent suspension or a non-independent suspension, when replacing the jeep suspension lift kit, you must choose a genuine manufacturer's product. Although almost all models of shock absorbers can be purchased online, you must be careful. If you accidentally purchase a small product from unqualified workshop, the hidden dangers to the safety performance of the vehicle are unpredictable.

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