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What Other Changes Do Jeep Need After Installing the Lift Kits?

What Other Changes Do Jeep Need After Installing the Lift Kits?

Some other products also might be needed based on the size of the Jeep lift kit purchased, which are to ensure the vehicle runs in the way you desire. Normally, 2.5 inches and higher lift force equipped on a Jeep will influence the geometrical shape of the car in multiple ways. Although basic car body lift will not produce apparent influence on the Jeep's general geometrical shape, but installation of a 2 to 3 inches lift kit might need installation of a heat sink, gear shift lever, and extension assembly or bracket for steering linkage. Apart from that, according to the size of your tire chosen, the wheel fender might need repair.

Normally, a Jeep suspension lift kit will include accessories which is needed to maintain your car's correct geometrical shape. But some just include shock absorber, Jeep novel steering stabilizer and coil spring. If your 2.5 inches lift kit is the case, then longer rear and front crossbars, as well as upper and lower control arms are needed to control the vibration of power transmission system and assure the right geometry in veering. A stronger after-sale transmission shaft might also be required to bear the wear and tear caused by relatively high Jeep lift kits and braking line extension cord.

More ultra lift kits (long and short arms included) normally contain everything needed, including adjustable control arm (or longer arm) to keep the wheel base distance and angles of small gears correct, as well as adjustable slide bar to redefine the axial center. But Jeep lift kits higher than 4 inches might need a longer drive shaft and braking line. Some kits might asks extra articulated connection from tires. In this case, you need to buy a flat-type fender rim to adapt to the extra travel. Furthermore, many of these new and longer parts possibly need cutting and welding of brackets to relocate Wrangler's exhaust port.

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