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How to Remove Suspension Lift Kits for Trucks?

How to Remove Suspension Lift Kits for Trucks?

Maybe you have already learnt about some information about lift kits, we will share some details about suspension lift kits for trucks.

Here is the procedure for removing the suspension lift kits for trucks

Step One

Raise the truck to the four corners and support it on the jack stand. Support both sides of the rear axle, and then fully lift the rear axle to reduce the weight of the spring. Using a 1/2-inch air gun and sleeve, remove the nut from the U-bolt that secures the axle to the spring.

Step Two

Remove the bottom plate as well as lifting block between the spring and the shaft. Lower the shaft onto the spring and replace the U-bolt with a shorter new bolt. Install the lower bridge support plate, put the U bolt through the hole in the plate, then install the nut and tighten it. Do the other side in the same way.

Step Three

Remove the two front wheels. Remove the front caliper and hang it with a stand to prevent it from being caught by the hose. If equipped, disconnect the ABS wire connector. Place the floor jack under the lower control arm and lift it so that it hardly touches the control arm. Delete the swing link.

Step Four

Remove the split pin from the bottom ball joint by using wire cutters. Loosen the ball joint nut, but leave five threads. Use a ball joint separator and separate the ball joints. Remove the nut on the top of the shock absorber, and then remove the shock absorber extender.

Step Five

Use a floor jack to raise the lower control arm just enough to remove the tension of the ball joint nut. Remove the nut. Slowly lower the control arm and remove the coil spring. Install the new spring by inserting the new coil spring into its frame housing and grasp the bottom of the spring, then push it as far as possible into the receiver in the lower control arm. Lift the control arm slightly and push the spring further in until it is fully inserted into the receiver, or use a pry bar to insert it into the pocket. After entering, slowly raise the lower control arm and insert the ball joint into the bottom receiver of the spindle. Install the nut on the ball joint and tighten the nut. Install the split pin in the ball joint above the nut. Install the shock absorber to its original bracket. Install the pendulum link and tighten the nut. Install the caliper and connect the ABS connector.

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