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Precautions for Raising Vehicle Chassis

Precautions for Raising Vehicle Chassis

Many people are familiar with lifting the body of off-road vehicles, but the products that can be seen in the market are generally springs, steel plates and shock absorbers. Once the body is lifted, it will affect all aspects. For example, the toe-in of front wheel, steering system, rear drive shaft angle, drive shaft length and so on.

After the body is raised, the adverse effects on the vehicle are eliminated, which directly affects the stability of the vehicle and the steering system. Generally speaking, the affected stability can be improved by correcting the wheel alignment. Most of the front axle structure will change the kingpin angle and toe angle after the body is raised. Independent suspension will directly affect the wheel camber angle. To solve the above problems, the upper and lower arm and front wheel alignment can be adjusted. Increasing the angle of the steering rod will increase, which makes it difficult to control the vehicle driving on the rough road. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the steering rod and rocker arm.

Off-road vehicles take advantage of the vehicle elevation while ensuring the stability of the vehicle on the road. The special balance bar connecting device is a kind of chassis leveling kit, which can be connected by the user. After refitting, the increase of vehicle center of gravity will affect the stability of vehicle driving, which can be solved by connecting external flange plate. The problem of rear suspension is that the angle of transmission shaft increases because of the increase. Once the angle exceeds the reasonable angle specified by the manufacturer, it is easy to produce noise, vibration and even fracture. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the transfer case and change the angle of the input shaft of the rear axle to solve the problem. In order to take advantage of the lifting performance of the body, it is necessary to use longer lifting lugs or foldable lugs with steel plates. However, these products will more or less affect the stability of the vehicle on the road.

It may require a longer drive shaft or even completely change the connection between the drive shaft and the transfer case outlet to ensure the firmness of the modification.

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