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Sanlishin Leveling Lift Kits: Why Change the Support Arm?

Sanlishin Leveling Lift Kits: Why Change the Support Arm?

Sanlishin leveling lift kit includes a pair of upper and lower control arms dedicated to special vehicles. In addition to the appearance and strength of the original arm, the improvement of the suspension performance is the focus.

The redesigned control arm can make full use of every inch of travel of the high-performance shock absorber. When passing rugged roads, the wheels are freer to explore and lift.

Like the shock absorber, the control arm as a movable structure is often under severe working conditions. Therefore, the requirements on wear parts such as bushes and ball joints are very strict.

The bushing of the Sanlishin leveling lift kits uses truck-grade materials and processing, which not only allows it to remain quiet and smooth during operation, but also makes it exhibit excellent durability.

The ball head located on the outer side of the support arm must be connected to the steering knuckle, and must also bear the combined movement of the steering and the up and down of the wheel, which can be said to have a heavy responsibility.

The ball head used on the arm of the Sanlishin leveling lift kits not only provides the strength required for extreme off-roading, but also has good sealing properties to block the invasion of sand, dust and rain in harsh environments; At the same time, even if the wheel is in an exaggerated posture, enough swing angle can ensure that it will not be damaged.

In addition, only the shock absorber and spring increase may make the caster angle of the vehicle's kingpin decrease, and the direction will be erratic when driving at high speed. This set of arms therefore increases the caster angle of the kingpin after being raised. When the vehicle is traveling in a straight line and the wheels are deflected by external force, a greater self-aligning torque will be generated. This also means that the vehicle has higher stability and better handling.

Of course, adjusting the suspension geometry is a rigorous matter. Even with the best leveling lift kits, the later adjustment of the four-wheel alignment cannot be ignored.

If these are not enough for you, Sanlishin even introduced dual-reduction support arms and reinforced half-axle kits for civilian off-road vehicles, so that you never have to worry about shock absorbers hitting the bottom when you are riding a big slope.

In general, upgrades and lifting should also be built on the premise of combining science and demand.

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