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Precautions for Lifting and Refitting JL Wrangler Chassis

Precautions for Lifting and Refitting JL Wrangler Chassis

When lifting and refitting the JL Wrangler chassis, please pay attention to the following matters.

1. When the original wheel eyebrows are still used, the 2.5-inch JL Wrangler leveling kit supports tires with a diameter of 35 inches and below. When replacing part of the modified high-position wheel eyebrows, it can support 36- or 37-inch diameter tires with a smaller actual size (the actual size of tires of the same specification of different brands and patterns may vary from 2-4 cm). If you do not pursue heavy off-road, the speed ratio can be the same as the original car.

2. Due to the adjustable feature of the twisted teeth damping, the 2.5-inch single twisted tooth kit is generally adjusted to a height of about 3 inches. If equipped with modified wheel eyebrows, it not only is enough to easily accommodate normal-sized 36- or 37-inch tires, but also reduces the risk of tire interference with wheel eyebrows when the car is off-road. In order to ensure the smoothness of power output and off-road transmission torque, this level of modification needs to replace the 4.56 gear ratio kit.

3. The 4-inch leveling lift kits can further increase the tire size, 37-inch tires can be used as standard, and the twisting kit + modified wheel eyebrows can support 38 or 39-inch tires after precise adjustment. If you need heavy off-road, it is recommended to match 38-inch tires, and you also need to change the speed ratio corresponding to the data.

4.  After the suspension and leveling, the angle of the transmission shaft, the caster angle of the kingpin and the position of the front and rear axles will be changed, so the role of the control arm and the thrust rod is particularly important. Use a leveling lift kit within 2.5 inches to replace only the upper and lower control arms of the front suspension, while 3 inches and above need to be replaced together front and back. With the aid of the front and rear thrust levers, various parameters of the four-wheel positioning can be adjusted to the optimal state.

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