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Will Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck?

Will Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck?

Notes for raising the chassis of the vehicle: many people are familiar with raising the body of the off-road vehicle, but the products that can be seen on the market today are lift kits, springs, steel plates, and shock absorbers, etc. Once the body is raised, it will affect all aspects of the car, such as the front wheel toe, steering system, rear driveshaft angle, and driveshaft length. After the body is raised, the adverse effects on the vehicle should be eliminated.

Most of the front axle structures will change the steering kingpin angle and toe angle after the body is raised, and the independent suspension will directly affect the camber angle. The above problems can be adjusted by replacing the upper and lower arms and the front wheel positioning. After the body is raised, the angle of the steering rod will become larger, which makes it difficult to control the vehicle on a large undulating road. The steering rod and steering rocker arm need to be replaced. The special balance bar connection device, which appears to take advantage of the vehicle's rising while ensuring the stability of the vehicle on the highway, can be connected by the user.

The lift kit is a useful tool. Sanlishin is a reliable lift kit manufacturer. If you want to buy front lift kit or rear lift kit, please contact our sales. We also have lift kits for cars of different brands, including ford front lift kit, chevrolet lift kits, silverado front lift kit, etc.

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