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Wrangler JL Lift Kit - Directional Shock Absorber and Extended Small Connecting Rod

Wrangler JL Lift Kit - Directional Shock Absorber and Extended Small Connecting Rod

When it comes to modifying off-road vehicles like the Wrangler, the elevation is essential when the indispensable element for modifying is the Wrangler JL lift kit, and the 2.5-inch elevation is wildly popular with the public. However, for car owners who have just come into contact with the lift modification, there is inevitably a lack of knowledge about elevation modification. To allow all owners to understand the elevation modification fully, we will introduce some accessories of the Wrangler JL lift kit.

1. Directional shock absorber

The directional shock absorber's role in the Wrangler JL lift kit is that after the vehicle is lifted, the original car's directional shock absorber's damping is no longer enough after the tire is enlarged. It is necessary to increase the damping of the directional shock absorber to increase controllability. It can also prevent steering wheel thumping when off-road; otherwise, you may not be able to hold the steering wheel during off-road, which is dangerous.

2. Lengthen the small connecting rod

After the vehicle is lifted, the corresponding small connecting rod should be lengthened. In the Wrangler chassis suspension, the small link connects the balance bar and the bridge, so the small connection's length is also fundamental, and the appropriate small link length can show the suspension stroke vividly. If the Wrangler raises 2.5 inches without changing the small connecting rod, it may break or rub against other chassis parts. A suitable length and high strength small connecting rod is a necessary item for lifting 2.5 inches. It is enough to lengthen a pair of small connecting rods after raising 2.5 inches. The rear small connecting rod of the original car can be installed to the front. It is also possible to retrofit a pair of small linkages with quick release function in the front, and the left and right suspensions can be independent by disconnecting the small links to achieve the maximum off-road travel.

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