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Are Wheel Spacers Dangerous for Driving?

Are Wheel Spacers Dangerous for Driving?

A wheel spacer for a segmented hub makes it possible to keep the wheels of a motor vehicle at a distance by means of the spacer. The wheel spacer (also referred to as a spacer disc) is provided for use between the rim of the motor vehicle and the associated hub. Such spacers have been known for a long time and are used in particular to widen the trajectories standardly prescribed in motor vehicles without changing the wheel hubs and without using special wheels or wheels designed for wider trajectories. Here, the spacer is placed on the support surface of the hub, so the spacer is provided with a plurality of holes for receiving bolts that hold the wheel at the hub. In order to center the rim at the hub, the hub is provided with a centering collar or a plurality of individual centering ribs arranged circumferentially in the middle.

Among other spacers, the wheel spacer is correspondingly small so that it can still be centered on the actual hub; or correspondingly large enough to center the spacer on the hub, which in turn can achieve the centering of the wheel.

It has not been feasible so far to keep the wheels spaced by means of a spacer, which value is not significantly less than or equal to the centering height of the hub. Therefore, the wheel spacer will not cause unsafe factors.

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