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Do Leveling Kits Affect Ride Quality?

Do Leveling Kits Affect Ride Quality?

The car chassis is composed of four parts: transmission system, driving system, steering system, and braking system. The chassis function is to support and install the automobile engine and its components and assemblies, to form the overall shape of the automobile, and to receive the power of the engine, so that the automobile can generate motion and ensure normal driving. A variable suspension system, also known as an active suspension system, is a new type of suspension system controlled by a computer that has been developed in recent ten years. With the development of new technology, the traditional passive suspension will be replaced by the active suspension.

The origin of the name active suspension is due to its ability to "actively" adjust the stiffness and damping characteristics of the suspension within a certain range. Because of the participation of the electronic systems, the active suspension is also called an electronically controlled suspension. The active suspension system has the function of controlling the body movement. When the inertia of the car braking or turning causes the spring to deform, the active suspension system will generate a force that resists the inertia, reducing the change in the body position. The sensor of the car suspension lift kit will immediately detect the tilt and lateral acceleration of the vehicle body when the vehicle turns. Based on the sensor information, the computer compares and calculates with the pre-set threshold value, and immediately determines where to add the load to the suspension system to minimize the tilt of the body. Therefore, leveling kits will not affect the quality of the ride, it will make your car look cooler.

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