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What Do We Need to Know About Installing the Jeep Lift Kit?

What Do We Need to Know About Installing the Jeep Lift Kit?

Customers think Jeeps with the lift kit look great, but they don't know much about them. So what do we need to know before investing in Jeep lift kits? Let's admit it, a jeep with a lift kit boasts various powerful functions. Initially, a lift kit is installed so that your vehicle has a higher clearance for a steeper leap and can be driven over rough terrain. In today's car modification market, people often buy it only for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason is, there are a few matters needing attention when we consider installing a Jeep lift kit.

1. What installation type of the lift kit do we need?

Each manufacturer has different requirements on the Jeep suspension lift kits, and kits are produced according to the type of drive system used in your vehicle. Typical tools include strut bars, coiled springs, and lifting blocks. Some lift kits include spare forearm and control arm. Depending on the type of kit you install, you may need to make other changes to the braking line, steering geometry, and the length drive shaft to ensure safe and proper driving ability.

2. Car body lift kit or shock absorption lift kit?

Also, this depends on the intent of installing the kit. The car body lift kit will use gaskets to increase the height of the car body. Elevated car body has no effect on clearance, but allows you to use larger tires. If you want to find a more significant difference, or if you want to use the truck for off-road driving, you may want to consider a shock absorption lift kit.

3. Can I install my own lift kit?

It is not recommended. Improper installation of lifting kits can lead to various problems. It can lead to premature wear of the drive system and suspension system components as well as other issues that can lead to poor and unsafe vehicle performance. Keep in mind that unless you are a senior mechanic with many years of experience, it is not ideal to attempt to install the lift kit by yourself.

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