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What is the Purpose of A Wheel Spacer?

What is the Purpose of A Wheel Spacer?

The importance of adding wheel spacers, in addition to increasing the aesthetics, is to increase the wheelbase on the basis of the original so that the vehicle is more stable in the dynamic process of turning. Certainly, the stability of the car when cornering will also be affected by other parts such as shock absorbers, tires, anti-roll bars, and so on. However, under the premise that these factors remain unchanged, only from the perspective of the wheelbase, the wider the wheelbase, the lower the lateral weight transfer, and the stability of the turn will also increase. Of course, we cannot simply and roughly conclude from the theory that the thicker the wheel spacer, the more the cornering stability will increase.

After the wheel spacer is added, it will be found that the gap between the wheel hub position and the wheel arch is just filled up, and the overall effect is effectively improved compared with that before the modification, making the vehicle appear wider and more sporty. The spacers that do not conform to the thickness of the vehicle will affect the driving performance of the vehicle. Poor quality or improper installation of the spacer will cause the wheels to sway, and in extreme cases, there may even be a safety hazard for the hub to fly out. Therefore, the choice of process and good quality wheel spacers can not be ignored. Different sizes of wheel spacers can have different effects. The 4 lug wheel spacers, 3 inch 6 lug wheel spacers, and 5 lug universal wheel adapters are very common.

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