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Accessories Required for Leveling Lift Kits

Accessories Required for Leveling Lift Kits

All the modified accessories needed for a Wrangler 2.5-inches leveling lift include front and rear springs, front and rear shock absorbers, rear extension small connecting rod, right rear thrust rod lower seat, front and rear limit blocks, front and rear brake hose lower parts, direction shock absorbers and front thrust rod, which are indispensable. After we know the accessories needed for a Wrangler chassis leveling kit, we must also understand the role of each accessory of the elevation kit so that we can better upgrade the modification.

Here are some accessories of the leveling lift kit:

1. Lengthen front and rear springs

Longer springs can make the Wrangler body rise higher.

2. Front and rear limit blocks

It can provide a suitable limit height to prevent damage to the shock absorber and other chassis leveling lift kit accessories. It can also prevent the spring from falling off or shifting at the extreme off-road limit (the front limit block generally needs to be installed with a hole in the center of the spring base of the bridge, and there is a mounting hole in the original vehicle reserved for the rear limit block, which can be installed directly on the screw).

3. Lengthened front and rear shock absorbers

The shock absorber's function is to absorb and reduce the bouncing and braking distance of the body. After the spring is lengthened, a shock absorber that can provide a longer stroke is required for supporting use.

4. Lengthen the brake hose / lower parts

After the Wrangler is lifted through the Wrangler leveling kit, the length of the brake hose of the original car is not enough, so the extension brake hose needs to be replaced. Extended brake hoses are often woven from metal materials, which can ensure their length and increase their durability (the brake hose lowering parts play a similar role as the extended brake hoses, but the brake lowering parts cost less and are easy to install).

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